C серия

Аэродинамический профиль


  • Лопасти с изменяемым углом атаки с шагом 1 град.
  • Конфигурация осевого импеллера от 2 до 12 лопастей
  • 1 доступный размер ступицы - для 3, 4, 6 и 12 лопастей. Все симметрично расположенные. Для каждого доступный диапазон диаметров/креплений
  • Диапазон диаметров импеллера от 405 мм до 792 мм
  • Лопасти для вращения против часовой стрелки


Multi-Wing’s 3C fan combines a rugged high efficiency airfoil fan blade with an industrial strength hub package to give you an axial fan that can withstand temperature extremes from -60°C to 400°C. Manufactured in aluminium with a reinforced hub and mounted with a stainless steel boss, the 3C is an industrial strength axial fan that can handle the most demanding air moving applications in harsh environments.

We have specifically designed it to handle the high demands of European Standard EN 12101-3 covering industrial ventilation units for smoke and heat control systems. These high strength fans can operate at 400°C for 120 minutes, while providing excellent airflow and efficiency rates.

The 3C fan can operate at twice the speed of standard axial fans. It is the perfect choice for a range of commercial refrigeration applications including air cooled condensers, blast freezers, chillers, evaporators, food processing and food storage.


The fan blades and hub parts are available in pressure die cast silumin alloy (EN AC-Al Si12 Cu1 (Fe)) to accommodate high temperature operation. Adapters to motor axles are machined from stainless steel and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Таблицы размеров

C Series fans are available with the following blade profiles:

Аэродинамический профильАэродинамический профиль

Multi-Wing’s airfoil axial fan series can be used in almost any air moving application such as cooling towers, engine cooling.