Материал вентилятора


Through high-quality materials, we provide you with the best axial fan. This is part of our commitment to being at the leading edge of fan technology. Each application calls for different combinations of materials to suit different working conditions, speeds and temperatures. Multi-Wing fan blades are available in 6 different materials as listed below. PPG, PAG, PAGI, PAGAS, PAGST and AL. Multi-Wing hub parts are as standard manufactured in a pressure die cast silumin alloy (Al Si12 Cu). Certain hub parts are also available in glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG) to make up complete non-corrosive fan solutions. If you have special needs, please feel free to contact your local sales person. We will guide you through the jungle of plastic materials and offer you our best recommendations for a suitable axial fan solution. We can also offer you the necessary documentation in terms of ATEX declaration and compliance statement concerning EU directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS).

Маркировка Материал Диапазон
AL Алюминий
Aluminium, EN AC-Al Si12Cu1(Fe)
-60?C to +245?C
PAG Полиамид укрепленный стекловолокном
Glass Reinforced Polyamide
-40?C to +120?C
PAGAS Полиамид укрепленный стекловолокном, противовзрывной
Anti Static Glass Reinforced Polyamide
-40?C to +110?C For explosion proof working conditions.
PAGI Полиамид укрепленый стекловолокном индустриального качества
Glass Reinforced Polyamide, Industrial quality
-40?C to +110?C.
PAGST Полиамид укрепленный стекловолокном, стабилизированноl конструкции
Vibration Stabilised Glass Reinforced Polyamide
-40?C to +110?C.
PPG Полипропилен усиленный стекловолокном
Glass Reinforced Polypropylene
-10?C to +90?C