Цельный литой

Цельный литой


  • Extremely affordable one-piece design.
  • Fixed pitch angle.
  • 9 different one-piece moulded fans in stock of different designs and with varying number of blades.
  • Custom designed for your specific application.


Multi-Wing has developed One-Piece Moulded Fans for a spectrum of industrial applications, specialising in ventilation, cooling and industrial heat exchanger units.

Multi-Wing has created One-Piece Moulded Fans optimized for your specific application by using our state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed expertise. Our one-piece solutions provide outstanding performance while reducing power consumption and noise. These fans are the perfect answer for high volume projects. Using our product development tools, we can create an exact scale model of your project and test it in our in-house wind tunnel to ensure that it meets your requirements. You may also benefit from our wind tunnel by testing the performance of your fan housing. It is a process with a high degree of reliability and expertise.


Multi-Wing’s One-Piece Moulded Fans are available in PPG or PAG to suit applications with different speeds and ambient temperatures. PPG Glass reinforced polypropylene: Temperature range: -10°C to +80°C. PAG Glass reinforced polyamide: Temperature range: -40°C to +110°C.

Download brochure - One Piece Moulded - Fully customed axial fans for large volumes

One-Piece Moulded Axial Fans are customized for your needs based on our modular system profiles:

Цельный литойЦельный литой

Multi-Wing’s airfoil axial fan series can be used in almost any air moving application such as cooling towers, engine cooling.

Серповидный профильСерповидный профиль

Multi-Wing’s sickle axial fan series is the answer for generating pressure with low noise axial fans.

ОхлаждениеРасширяющийся дугообразный

Multi-Wing’s increasing arc axial fan series is a suitable solution in applications that demand high performance in challenging inlet conditions.

ТеплообменШироколопастной профиль

Multi-Wing’s broad paddle axial fan series is designed for coil applications with low speed motors and moderate power consumptions.

ТеплообменРеверсивный профиль

Multi-Wing’s innovative true reversible axial fan series is designed for applications that require high efficiency in a reversible configuration.

ВентиляцияPressureMAX профиль

This remarkable axial fan can help your company meet the Tier 4 emissions standards and the Stage III B Standards for off highway engines.