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We use an innovative system of standard, interchangeable components using a broad range of axial blade profiles and materials. The result: axial fans designed to your specific requirements with superior performance, short lead times and competitive pricing.
Each of the fan blades in our portfolio has distinct advantages suitable for different applications. Please have a look below for a short explanation. We hope that you find what you are looking for. If it is not the case, please contact your local sales person.

ТеплообменАэродинамический профиль

Multi-Wing’s airfoil axial fan series can be used in almost any air moving application such as cooling towers, engine cooling.

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Multi-Wing’s broad paddle axial fan series is designed for coil applications with low speed motors and moderate power consumptions.

ОхлаждениеРасширяющийся дугообразный

Multi-Wing’s increasing arc axial fan series is a suitable solution in applications that demand high performance in challenging inlet conditions.

ВентиляцияPressureMAX профиль

This remarkable axial fan can help your company meet the Tier 4 emissions standards and the Stage III B Standards for off highway engines.

Другие областиСерповидный профиль

Multi-Wing’s sickle axial fan series is the answer for generating pressure with low noise axial fans.

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Multi-Wing’s innovative true reversible axial fan series is designed for applications that require high efficiency in a reversible configuration.