Within our modular range of axial fans we can select a perfect match for your refrigeration requirements. Applications using Multi-Wing axial fans include cooling towers, condensers and dry coolers, evaporators or reefer units and trucks.

  • Конденсаторы и сухие градирни

    At Multi-Wing we know that your decisive factor as a manufacturer of condensers or dry coolers is low power consumption.

  • Градирни

    We can select an axial fan match to meet the high efficiency and low noise that you must derive from the axial fan to make your cooling tower function in the best possible way.

  • Испарители

    Our range of Multi-Wing axial fans that are suited for commercial refrigeration are designed to generate high air flow which results in longer air throw which gives you more efficient cooling and freezing.

  • Рефрижераторные устройства / Грузовики

    At Multi-Wing we are aware of the unique demands you have to your reefer units, among others the essential temperature requirements that you are facing.